All games start 8pm (CST)

July 31st - Pop Culture Trivai with Ben Wendt


We are hosting a weekly trivia with rotating hosts and different themes with a focus on what we do best... movies. It'll cost $5 to enter per person/team. Get your virtual seat and get ready to compete!

After signing up you will receive a confirmation email. Then we will email the live link to trivia 10 minutes prior to the start time to the purchasing email address.

Are Teams Welcome? Yep! Sign-up and host your own Google Hangout or whatever program you prefer.

How much time do we get? 45 seconds between questions.
How many questions? 5 categories. 10 questions each round.

What about cheating? While we can't stop anyone from doing quick googling it's highly discouraged. Just pretend we are right over your shoulder watching your every move.

What about prizes? Unfortunately, we are not doing prizes at this time. This is meant to entertain and bring in a tiny bit of revenue into our closed movie theatre.

Anything else? No refunds. No exchanges. Show up on time! Have a blast and don't forget to Bring Your Own Brain!