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A Glitch in the Marix

Coming 2/5

Filmmaker Rodney Ascher (Room 237, The Nightmare) dives down the rabbit hole of science and philosophy to examine the theory that humans live in a simulation and the world as people know it is not real.

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Two estranged brothers must set aside their differences when a rare and lethal illness threatens their respective flocks of sheep in Western Australia.



A lonely boy goes with his mother to help clean out his late aunt's house and forms an unlikely friendship with the neighbour who is a war veteran.


PG: Psycho Goreman

Intergalactic assassins converge on a small town after two siblings unwittingly resurrect an ancient alien overlord.

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World of Wong Kar Wai

Janus Films is proud to present the following Wong Kar-Wai classics in brand-new 4K restorations, in addition to a new director’s cut of The Hand: As Tears Go By, Days of Being Wild, Chungking Express, Fallen Angels, Happy Together, and In the Mood for Love.



 In Montana, a father tries to liberate his young transgender son by taking him to Canada, but as a frustrated female detective spearheads an investigation, she discovers that the child’s family situation is more complicated than she thought.


Another Road

Four high school teachers consume alcohol on a daily basis to see how it affects their social and professional lives.


Gimme Shelter

Called the greatest rock film ever made, this landmark documentary follows the Rolling Stones on their notorious 1969 U.S. tour. When three hundred thousand members of the Love Generation collided with a few dozen Hells Angels at San Francisco’s Altamont Speedway, Direct Cinema pioneers David and Albert Maysles and Charlotte Zwerin were there to immortalize on film the bloody slash that transformed a decade's dreams into disillusionment.

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Shadow in the Cloud

While travelling with top-secret documents on a B-17 Flying Fortress, a female WWII pilot encounters an evil presence on board.

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Starts 2/5

A pregnant woman returns to her recently deceased grandparents’ old family home to spend time with her estranged mother. What begins as a tenuous reunion slowly turns terrifying. 



Two FBI agents (Gregory Scott Cummins, William Hubbard Knight) protect the fleeing girlfriend (Barri Murphy) of a jewel thief slain by gangsters.



Attempting to surpass his father's legacy, a reclusive neuroscientist becomes entangled in his experiment, pitting 10 fragments of his consciousness against each other.


The Twentieth Century

Determined to become the leader of the Dominion of Canada, a young W.L. Mackenzie King rises to power.


Survival Skills

Survival Skills is a lost police training video from the 1980s. Jim, the perfect policeman in a perfect relationship in a perfect community, gets in over his head when he tries to resolve a domestic violence case. Before long, the ugly underbelly of the ‘Good Guys in Blue’ begins to expose itself and Jim decides to take matters into his own hands.



With unfettered access to the Zappa family trust and all archival footage for the first time, ZAPPA explores the private life behind the mammoth musical career that never shied away from the political turbulence of its time. Alex Winter’s assembly features appearances by Frank’s widow Gail Zappa and several of Frank’s musical collaborators including Mike Keneally, Ian Underwood, Steve Vai, Pamela Des Barres, Bunk Gardner, David Harrington, Scott Thunes, Ruth Underwood, Ray White and others. The theatrical and virtual cinema versions will include bonus footage from deep in the Zappa Family vaults, unavailable anywhere else.


Crock of Gold

CROCK OF GOLD is the definitive documentary on musical icon Shane MacGowan, exploring the wild, roving life of Ireland’s most beloved punk poet—from his youth through to the success of the Pogues (“Fairytale of New York,” “Dirty Old Town”) and beyond, as told by Shane himself. The theatrical and virtual cinema versions will include never-before-seen live footage not available elsewhere.


The Donut King

Cambodian refugee Ted Ngoy builds a multi-million dollar empire by baking America's favorite pastry -- the donut.



Filmmaker Ryan White examines the circumstances surrounding the murder of Kim Jong-nam, the half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.





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