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North Kansas City, MO (April 28, 2020) - For the first time since the 1920s, movie theatre screens across America are dark, and the future of the theatrical experience is in question. Screenland Theatres isn’t waiting for the cavalry to come - instead, they are inviting Kansas City to help save their screens during a live, 12-hour fundraising event on Saturday, May 2nd. 


“Since we closed the theatre, we have missed out on just over 10,000 people that normally would be coming through our doors,” says Adam Roberts, co-owner and operator of Screenland Theatres. “We miss our film family, and can’t just sit around waiting and hoping to one day be watching movies together again. That’s not our style. Instead, we are taking a page out of ‘Empire Records’ book and holding our own fundraiser, so that when it is safe, we are able to open our doors once more.” 


Live entertainers will perform to an empty theatre, broadcast into your home live via from 10AM-10PM Central. Performances include: 

  • Morning Yoga Flow with Essie Titus

  • Family Feud ft. Boulevard Brewing Co vs. Cinder Block Brewing Co

  • Behind True Crime with O'Brien Investigations

  • Forever Bogus 90s Cartoon Marathon

  • Hot Talk featuring The Pitch’s Brock Wilbur and 4 Hands Brewing Company’s Jeremy Danner

  • Make Movie Theatre Quality Popcorn with The Full Measure

  • Live Music by Patrick Woolam and Montage

  • Jeopardy featuring Local Comedians, hosted by The Rhino

  • Short Film Showcase

  • Movie Trivia

  • What Movie Is It Anyway

  • Guest Interviews

  • More than 15+ other live events - full schedule available on


In exchange for 12 hours of entertainment, Screenland Armour is asking viewers to contribute what they can to reach a goal of 10,000 donations, the equivalent of business lost since the beginning of Kansas City’s shelter in place orders. With most major releases pushed back until late summer or beyond, Screenland Armour won’t be fully operational again until July, marking nearly five months with their doors closed. 


“It’s not just a few weeks for us,” says Roberts. “While regular business keeps us healthy, and able to invest in the best experience for our guests, the bills for our projectors and other equipment don’t stop coming just because our customers do.”


As one of the last remaining independent theatres in the Kansas City area, Screenland Armour regularly offers a varied selection of films, from sold out screenings of Star Wars to local film showcases and indie art house premiers. Located in the historic 1928 Armour Theatre, Screenland has continued to keep Kansas City’s film community prospering since Roberts and his brother-in-law, Brent Miller, took over the theatre a decade ago.


“You can help by tuning in live and making a contribution, or spread the word on social media using #SOScreenland,” says Roberts. “Damn the man, let’s save Screenland.”

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